Cover Tunes - 2013

Cover TunesJust when we think we have him all figured out, waiting to see what last great cover song he will choose to finish up the Under the Cover CD Single Series with, Michael Charles “changes his tune”.  Simple, true, dynamic, and the way it is explains the title track, unexpectedly and ironically named “Cover Tunes”, on this Disc 5 of the “Under the Covers” CD Single Series. As the time neared to finish the series MC found an urge to highlight the cover tunes with an original and in this he treats us to an encapsulated version of his life.  Expressive, spot on, and a testament to realty, he is able to transmit the experience through to us. Extending the fascination MC selected the Smith and Dixon song,  Big Boss Man holding  a common  denominator  most of us can all relate to.  In addition to MC’s original, a second surprise on Disc 5 is the additional bonus cut.   The live version  of the Hawkins / Darnell’s  “The Thrill Is Gone” is a cool acoustic cut recorded  during a college concert performance.  There’s a track four sharing a recent radio excerpt in Lincoln Nebraska USA discussing the Under  the Cover CD Single Series .    An unedited version of “Cover Tunes” becomes the sixth and final track and maybe ends this CD, but the story is far from over. As always with the  “Under the Covers” series, the songs are released for the fans.   Photographs taken by Barbara Beden and Derek Los are featured on this artwork and we appreciate their support and talent. We also thank Michael’s family for supplying pictures from the family album. Once again we thank Jamie Coghill of Dex Audio in Melbourne Australia for his talented consistency throughout the entire series. 

Hey Joe - 2013

Hey Joe 2013In Disc Four of the “Under the Covers” CD single series the heartbreaking story of betrayal and the tragedy that ensues after is executed with a guitar that defies gravity, a penetrating lead vocal and harrowing background murmur, and a yielding arrangement, as Michael Charles surrenders his poignant version of Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe. A unique acoustic live version of Cocaine enhances Disc Four, paying tribute once again to JJ Cale and Eric Clapton. Keeping with the tradition of the “Under the Covers” series, with these tunes being released for the fans, a photograph taken by John (Duggie) Duggan of Michigan and is showcased on disc four. We are grateful for his contribution. As always we are equally grateful to Jamie Coghill of Dex Audio in Melbourne Australia for his creativity in designing the graphics.

Crosscut Saw - 2013

Crosscut SawDisc three of the “Under the Covers” CD singles series features the 1960’s R.G. Ford song “Crosscut Saw”.  After listening to Eric Clapton’s version Michael Charles developed a strong fondness for the song.  Once again MC worked his magic and turned out another cool entertaining version of another hand-picked original. The bonus cut Jimmie  Cox’s  “Nobody Knows You When You Are Down and Out” is recognized by MC and many of his fans as the cover tune that is the closest to being one of Charles’ very own.  Although already recorded and appearing on the My Shadow CD the song’s significance to MC is why we chose to include it in the “Under the Covers” CD single series and share this rare live version with you. We salute and credit Mike King of Kansas City, Missouri for Crosscut Saw’s sleeve photography.

Going Down - 2012

Going DownMichael Charles continues the “Under the Covers” series of CD singles with Disc Two “Going Down”,  one more outstanding guitar driven performance as MC pays homage to Don Nix writer and the guitar master and performer of Going Down, Jeff Beck. Disc Two’s bonus cut  “The Sky Is Crying” is probably the most significant bonus cut for MC. Genuine sentiment flows from this great Elmore James song as Michael recalls time spent with the late George Baze.  George, the late Junior Wells guitarist, was instrumental in the beginning of Michael’s introduction to America and Chicago Blues. A gifted friend, an awesome vocalist, his memory lives on through this recording. As with all of the Under the Covers CD singles, we mark this series truly as a “release for the fans” and once again artwork designed by Jamie Coghill of Michael’s Australian record label, Newmarket Music, features a picture taken by one of MC’s fans, Paula Buechley.

After Midnight - 2011

After MidnightMichael Charles best known for his excruciating fine guitar work and his passionate vocals, will soon satisfy fans’ desire and request for recordings of his personal favorite, hand-picked cover tunes.
After performing the songs on this Single for years, with that special MC twist, time has come for this artist to pay tribute to the original writers and their songs.
After Midnight is the first of the “Under the Covers” series of singles, and in this release MC honors JJ Cale for penning the infamous “After Midnight”, likewise Eric Clapton for turning After Midnight in the giant success it is. Charles admits After Midnight is unquestionably one of his favorite songs of all time!
As with all the releases in the “Under the Covers” series, After Midnight will come packaged with a bonus cut. A live impromptu version of Otis Rush’s All Your Love is the chosen MC recording to compliment the After Midnight single. And as an added bonus to thank his following and to mark the series truly a release for his fans, the artwork is designed solely with pictures taken by his audience at his live performances. After Midnight's sleeve photography taken by Lynn Ritchey.

Newmarket Music

Connected - 2010

ConnectedThe union of Newmarket Music’s and Moonlight Label’s recording artist, Michael Charles and Chicago’s Hip Hop artist, Magisty has produced, Charles 24th release. “Connected”: a fusion of Charles accomplished, intense, blues guitar, Magisty’s fresh, passionate rhyme, and the songwriting abilities of the two brings together blues and hip hop, experience and innocence, roughness and refinement, to create an album unlike any you have ever heard before, and most likely, will ever hear again! Music audiences across the spectrum and across the globe will find themselves connected.

Recall - 2009

RecallSpanning the years and spanning the globe, "Recall" is Charles' second compilation and was released in conjuntion with his international Recall 2009 Tour and also celebrates twenty years of his career. Recall boasts seventeen tracks all hand picked by Michael himself. Included are fourteen previously released songs, a live television interview from his early days in America, an unreleased 2003 version of the 1983 song, "Play A Simple Tune" and, as a bonus to this compilation, a brand new never released track with a title that truly describes the past twenty years, "Work So Hard".

I'm Nobody's Fool (Tour Bonus Disc) - 2008

I'm Nobody's Fool
This 2008 version of "I'm Nobody's Fool was released by the Australian Record Company Newmarket Music.  The Tour Bonus Disc includes previously unreleased material of; the original uncut studio version of I'm Nobody's Fool, the live versions of MC Shuffle, Long and Dusty Highway, and Long Way to Go, the 12,500 track recorded during the I'm Nobody Fool sessions, and a radio interview excerpt.

I'm Nobody's Fool - 2006

I'm Nobody's FoolMichael Charles, best known in the circles for his phenomenal guitar performances, really lays it on the line with this latest release, I‘m Nobody‘s Fool.
The 2006 CD release, I’m Nobody’s Fool, celebrates the reunion of this Australian born artist, Michael Charles and his long time producer, Greg Williams of Dex Audio Melbourne Australia. Greg engineered and co-produced most of Charles' earlier recordings from 1985 to 1992, and now the two of them rejoined efforts to create what may be Charles’ most flavorful release thus far. Michael's albums always highlight his prolific song writing, but in I'm Nobody's Fool, his guitar takes over . This album is probably the closest you'll get to him and his live sound on stage.

Simple Day Living - 2000

Simple Day Living (Cover)Simple Day Living, originally released in 2000 in Nashville USA to promote the 1999 album Keep Walking, contains three versions of the famous Simple Day Living tune. You'll be treated to a radio and proxy mix and a early live recording! A rocking addition to your Michael Charles music collection.



Keep Walking - 1999

Keep WalkingThis 1999 CD release under the American Moonlight Label explained a two and a half year absence of any other release from Charles. Three years in the making, this album is truly the soundtrack of Michael Charles' life. Beginning with a door opening to the "Entrance" of his career, and a little part of "What You Hear" along the way will actually be the voices of his children (now all grown up) as he cares for them, while he tends to his career at the recording studio in Australia.
It truly felt like "Simple Day Living" back then driving down the highway like in that punchy "M C Shuffle". As time goes by we all have to start facing the harder things in life as Michael did when he lost his Dad at the early age of twenty one. Determinded to keep going for his Dad he faced turmoil within his family and himself but his heart and mind reminded him daily of his "War Hero".
Changing and desperate times faced this very sensitive artist but he found strength and "Started Again". He decided as we all should to "Keep Walking" because if you keep the faith and never give up "You Can Have It (If You Want It)".
Love plays a huge part in all of our lives and so it was with MC. "You're the Woman Who Made My Day" and "Broken Hearted Again" probably tell that story. In "M C Shuffle (Part Two)" Michael tries hard to recapture the spirit, but can't help crying out loud "Why didn't they see?" "That Part of Me"?"
So many losses in one's life and so many things "Gone (But Not Forgotten)". Maybe wondering about the idea of "Passion Without Love", we believe he still does seem to feel that there is someone who really knows the meaning of the words "So Much Of Me In You".
He closes the door in "Backdoor Blues" but will surely"Keep Walking".

Crawling On The Floor - 1996

Crawling On The FloorThis 1996 CD picture disc single was released in the U.S. under the Moonlight Label for the purpose of promoting the albums "The Wind" and "My Shadow".
"Crawling on the Floor" and "Fooling Around" are radio cuts for promotion of "My Shadow" and the 7" vinyl version of "She's My Woman" and previously unreleased alternate mix of "I Am the One" promote "The Wind". Also included is a bonus cut which is a previously unreleased edit mix version of "Long Way to Go".

My Shadow - 1996

My ShadowIn all it’s brilliance, My Shadow now shines even brighter.
Grown to be one of Michael Charles’ most loved albums by audiences all over the world, My Shadow, now emerges in 2010 newly re-mastered and enhanced to perfection by Greg Williams of Dex Audio, Australia.
A Moonlight Label, Newmarket Music release, part of the Dex Audio remasters, features the original 1996 My Shadow album with two bonus cuts and a computer accessed video.
A must for those of you who treasure the original album and for those of you who are new to Michael Charles’ musical catalogue. Hear the Intensity. Feel the magic. See the Energy.

Newmarket Music

Hard Days & Long Nights - 1990

Hard Days & Long Nights CoverRecorded and released in Australia, this 1990 compilation commemorates the ten year anniversary of Michael Charles' recording career. Packaged with six bonus cuts which includes three studio cuts and three live cuts, it is a great blend of rock and blues. A new version of "Hard Days & Long Nights" was recorded for this album.



The Wind - 1989

The Wind "The Wind" was released in 1989 in Australia. This LP vinyl was another project Charles co-produced with Greg Williams of DEX AUDIO, Melbourne Australia
"Everlasting Love" was written in the hospital as Michael visited his grandmother during her last couple hours of life.
The very moving lyrics are based upon her final thoughts to her beloved grandson. The tracks "Trouble", "Feel the Magic", "Long Way to Go", and "All the Dreams and All the Past Times", were songs which appeared on the album "Try Another Key" but because of dissatisfaction with his former record company Charles chose to re-record them and his intention is to re-record the rest of "Try Another Key" in the future.
This release is available on vinyl, audio cassette, and also on CD which was re-released for the United States in 1996 with two bonus cuts.

Home Through The Streets - 1986

Home Through The StreetsHome Through The Streets was the third vinyl by Australian Blues Rocker, Michael Charles. Originally released in 1986, tunes from Home Through The Streets charted in Charles’ homeland. In keeping with the intentions of MC’s record labels, Moonlight Label in the USA and Newmarket Music in Australia, to re-release all of MC’s former recordings, Home Through The Streets, released in November 2008 includes the original album tracks, three new versions of three songs from the original album, plus three live bonus cuts. This 2008 CD is digitally re-mastered by Greg Williams of Dex Audio, Australia who co-produced and engineered the original 1986 vinyl. The first thousand CD’s manufactured are a special edition release and display the logo of the Arizona Blind and Deaf Children’s Foundation. This edition commemorates Michael’s performance at the 2008 Arizona Blind and Deaf Children’s Foundation fundraiser in Tucson, Arizona USA and Moonlight Label donated fifty percent of the profits, directly to the foundation, on behalf of Michael Charles.


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