Keep Walking - 1999

Keep WalkingThis 1999 CD release under the American Moonlight Label explained a two and a half year absence of any other release from Charles. Three years in the making, this album is truly the soundtrack of Michael Charles' life. Beginning with a door opening to the "Entrance" of his career, and a little part of "What You Hear" along the way will actually be the voices of his children (now all grown up) as he cares for them, while he tends to his career at the recording studio in Australia.
It truly felt like "Simple Day Living" back then driving down the highway like in that punchy "M C Shuffle". As time goes by we all have to start facing the harder things in life as Michael did when he lost his Dad at the early age of twenty one. Determinded to keep going for his Dad he faced turmoil within his family and himself but his heart and mind reminded him daily of his "War Hero".
Changing and desperate times faced this very sensitive artist but he found strength and "Started Again". He decided as we all should to "Keep Walking" because if you keep the faith and never give up "You Can Have It (If You Want It)".
Love plays a huge part in all of our lives and so it was with MC. "You're the Woman Who Made My Day" and "Broken Hearted Again" probably tell that story. In "M C Shuffle (Part Two)" Michael tries hard to recapture the spirit, but can't help crying out loud "Why didn't they see?" "That Part of Me"?"
So many losses in one's life and so many things "Gone (But Not Forgotten)". Maybe wondering about the idea of "Passion Without Love", we believe he still does seem to feel that there is someone who really knows the meaning of the words "So Much Of Me In You".
He closes the door in "Backdoor Blues" but will surely"Keep Walking".

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