Here at Moonlight Label 2017 is a sensational time as we prepare to embellish and build on the accomplishments  of 2016.  As our enterprise grows I don't remember a year when the chain of years appeared so tightly linked.   

With thirty-two new concert dates on Michael Charles' touring schedule, this editor has her work cut out for her, but this day would be amiss if I didn’t write a newsletter to officially announce Michael Charles’ latest release, “Concert At The Nest”.  This is Charles’ thirty-second release and his first live concert CD.  You can read all about it on the home page, review it , purchase it, download it and enjoy something that Michael Charles performed over twenty- five years ago but held in his heart until this day, when now,  he shares it with you. 

The Blues Hall of Fame ® has inducted Michael Charles into the Blues Hall of Fame ® and on Sunday October 4th Michael Charles will publicly and formally accept his induction  at the Blues Hall of Fame ®  ceremony to be held at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago.  In honor of this monumental event Moonlight Label is offering a audio/video download for a one dollar donation to the Blues Hall of Fame ® to help preserve this great foundation.  With the download you wil also receive a 30% off coupon for a purchase from the official Michael Charles store.  News will also be forthcoming to buy tickets for the ceremony.  Please watch Michael Charles’ schedule at for this information and for all the schedule concert dates so Michael can see you “someplace, somewhere, sometime.”

50% off your entire order at the Michael Charles Music Store starting Thursday December 4th through Thursday December 18th, 2014.

“Why Am I Here?”  is a six track EP extension of "Three Hundred Sixty".  Released to promote and to continue the celebration of Michael Charles’ thirty year anthology of personal recordings, “Why Am I Here?” offers the opportunity to hear and own more previously unreleased and rare tracks.  Pre-order your copy today at the official Michael Charles store.

July 28th – August 3rd !!
Free Digital Download of the EP “Without Your Love (for company)”

Less than a week ago we blasted out a news release to watch for some real special limited offers to support the commemoration of the 2014 thirty year anthology of Michael Charles.   Well, the wait was a short one, and we start out with a bang as we showcase Three Hundred Sixty “The Box”

In 2014 we honor Michael Charles for achieving thirty years in his personal musical recording career and here at his USA record label and while Michael Charles works on yet another release, Moonlight Label also continues the discography by searching through the vaults, the archives, and the new merchandise catalog to create some real special limited offers for you.

Moonlight Label formally unveils the new online official Michael Charles Store.  The latest release, 15 CD’s, tour posters,  box sets,  vinyls,  special packages,  t-shirts,  baseball caps, DVD’s,  collaborations, and downloads are all laid out in a shopper friendly site.

We’ve only waited three months since the first announcement of an Anthology release from Michael Charles’, but it took MC three hundred and sixty months to deliver the product!  On Monday June 2nd 2014 Newmarket Music, Australia and Moonlight Label, USA officially releases Michael Charles thirtieth release, Three Hundred Sixty.

The completion of the “Under the Covers” CD single series awarded a grand finale to 2013 when Moonlight Label released “Cover Tunes”,  disc five in the series, and number twenty-nine in the discography of Michael Charles.

 2013, so far, lays claim to even more USA musical career highlights for Michael Charles.   Along with internationally touring America and Canada, MC made a comeback to his “roots in Chicago USA”.  For those of you who may not know, when MC landed on this continent over two decades ago, his first performance featured him on the stage of Buddy Guy’s Legends playing the standard and traditional blues music of the times.  After several tours into the country, MC made the decision to stay and began branching out with his own original music leaving the Chicago blues circuit behind. Eighteen years later with the crossing over of genres and people craving more and more range in their music, Michael is welcomed once again as a regular on the stage of Buddy Guys Legends,  and was honored with an invitation to be interviewed for and featured in the Buddy Guy’s Legend’s Artist Series.  A corresponding transcription and gallery appear in the November / December issue of Buddy Guy’s Legend’s “BG Blues and Music News” magazine!  

After touring the first four months of the year across the USA and Canada,  Michael took some time to head home to Australia for a small amount of R & R but mainly to take care of business.  MC started out by flying up to Queensland for a few foundational meetings for his proposed 2014 tour to Australia.  Over the next few days and back in Melbourne he hooked up with his record producer, Greg Williams of Dex audio and Newmarket music for the day to master some recent recordings and discuss future career moves for MC.  Next he was off to meet with Salik Silverstein, movie director at SOS Films for some preliminary filming for the documentary Mr. Silverstein is composing and directing about  Michael.  Another tremendous honor and a project of great magnitude, that we will elaborate on more at a later time.  Last but not least was a visit to 3NRG radio where Tony Rockwell graciously interviewed MC and where Michael formally announced plans for his 2014 Australian Tour.

This time of the year we are all in the giving spirit.  So Moonlight Label’s gift to you, along with wishes of health, happiness, and love, is the release of the Disc Three in the “Under The Covers”  CD single series!  Our prediction is the CD will just make it for 2012, as it will become available the last week of December, answering the questions of what is the next song, what is the new bonus cut, and whose great picture was chosen for the fan inspired graphics.  We hope you will enjoy this CD as much as the first two singles!!

It's been crazy busy here and crazy exciting here at Michael Charles' USA record label, Moonlight Label. Continued work on the "Under the Covers" CD single series, recording projects, PR, scheduling, and new bookings are just part of hopefully explains and excuses our absence from posting a newsletter in August, but we will now gladly bring you up to speed. For The Road Dawg Tour update, you will always find a new posting each month on the homepage of

Most of the news this month pertains to MC's shows and festivals, which is what it is all about!  So we'll send a few reminders your way. Apps:  Android users, there is a very cool Michael Charles app available at no cost in your app store.  It will keep you up to date on MC's happenings with plenty of great music and videos.  We hope to soon add an app for you IPhone users!  You will also see one of the funny black and white squiggly designs around, known as a QR code.  Give it a scan and check out MC that way as well.

Plugged In and Linked Up
Staying connected in our times is easy and entertaining and we would like to announce just one more way.  New for Android users!! You can now keep updated and informed of MC’s whereabouts, new releases, and everything else by downloading the Android free app available at the Google Play app store.  You can also keep tabs on MC by scanning his QR code, which can be found on tour posters and the internet.  Join in on all the social networks too; Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Pollstar, Eventful, BandsIntown, LastFM, etc, and remember MC’s official website has kept an daily updated schedule for the last sixteen years and everything you would want to know, see, hear, or link up to about MC can be found there.

May surfaces as an exciting month for Michael Charles and Moonlight Label, as we prepare to release the second CD single in the “Under the Covers” series.  Disc Two entitled “Going Down” boasts two remarkable cover tunes, “Going Down’ and The Sky is Crying.    MC’s concerts are nearly always tagged somewhere during the night with an exceptional version of the Don Nix song, “Going Down”,  but The Sky Is Crying,  truly an all-time favorite of audiences in the past, hasn’t been heard of late.   Now there is a rumor that it will indeed be added to the song list once again, and I can testify you will all be in for a treat.  This song fits MC to a tee!  Watch for a May 6th release date for “Going Down” Disc Two of the “Under the Covers” series.  As with all Michael Charles’ discography you may purchase CD’s and DVD’s at his concerts, through,  itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Videdeck, CDuniverse, and  the USA record label Moonlight Label,  and Australian record label Newmarket Music.

Only a few months have gone by since the launching of After Midnight, first of the “Under the Covers” CD single series and already the highly anticipated disc two is about to make it’s emergence and be cataloged in Michael Charles’ discography.  After a soft and exclusive proclamation to news reporter Jeremy Bonfiglio, we now formally announce the second release in the “Under the Covers” series as “Going Down”,  featuring the Don Nix song, Going Down.  Many of you may recognize it from the master himself, Jeff Beck. 

We welcome back Michael Charles and the band as they return to the studio after completing the first “journey” of the Road Dawg Tour 2012.  And what a ride it was!  Four thousand two hundred and seventy-one miles across the USA and Canada.  Mother Nature was especially good to the guys as they were treated to some of the mildest weather in history for all states and both countries.

Moonlight Label presents a new Michael Charles 2012 limited edition box set.

Suitably titled the “Cross Over Collector’s Box, this set is filled with an array of treasures from Michael Charles’ closing days in Australia, through the crossing over to America, to the beginning of his USA career.

Representing MC’s homeland discography, you will first discover two original 1987-1988 45 vinyl’s of the ever popular Long Way To Go and She’s My Woman taken from the 1989 LP, The Wind.  Likewise, the front label of the box itself is a replication of the actual 1989 photo shoot sheet for The Wind LP.
The box’s true cross over feature is MC’s cassette and CD entitled “My Shadow”  These 1996 releases started with recording sessions in Australia and were completed in studios in the USA.  Also form My Shadow, the collection holds original autographed artwork from the My Shadow CD, framed lyrics of the most loved title track, “My Shadow”, and an 8 X 10 glossy from the 1996 photo shoot for the My Shadow project.  

      Happy New Year! 2012, the year we have been waiting for!  But here at Moonlight Label we always welcome in the New Year as it feels like an exciting new beginning and an awesome continuation of all that was good from the year before!

      Little like Bill Murray‘s “Groundhog Day”, January and the Road Dawg 2012 Tour will start  out just like the past three years………….MC will be heading way out west and then touring up all across Canada .  Just about the worst time of the year to travel that way,  but some of the most awesome venues, with one of the events being at Blues On Whyte for seven shows in six days.  Safe travel, MC!

You may all have been patiently waiting for an update from Moonlight Label Connected newspaper.  Well here is the latest………………

The Michael Charles Connected 2011 tour is in mid-year and in full swing. The year started out with a cold and long trek out to Wyoming and then up to one of Michael’s most famous venues Blues on Whyte in Alberta Canada. A favorite there, MC performed his week long nights of shows  and then made his way back to Minnesota for an encore performance at Legend's and then over to Fargo North Dakota where he did two shows at the Fargo North Dakota Blues Fest. After a brief stop back to his home base in Chicago, the band started back out to Wyoming and this time added Colorado, Utah, and Washington to the itinerary.  Next stop, after some rough and steep and icy mountain travel was beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Charles spread his talents on the stages of several venues and was fortunate to gain new audiences and connect with new following.

    We would like to introduce our monthly newsletter called the “Connection”.  Do you suppose there is a chance that it was aptly named because of  the Moonlight Label release “Connected” ?  Actually it was named for the 2010 release and all the present decade’s technology.  At this point in time, and for the first time ever we have the awesome ability for all us to become so easily “Connected”!  At the flick of the switch or the roll of a thumb,  from every inch of the globe, from every walk of life, and every age we can now link up with each other.  I know it has been said through the years and I hope not to sound cliché, but what a Great Time We Live In! Our own Michael Charles has his version of “Connected”.   It’s music, of course, what else?  About five years ago Michael Charles met up with a Chicago hip hop artist, Magisty.  Long story short, they put their minds, hearts, and talents together and connected Blues and Rap.

Moonlight Label announces Michael Charles to start his international travels once again in January 2009.

Appropriately named, the Recall 2009 Tour, as it is a celebration of Michael Charles' new CD compilation release entitled "Recall", and recalls performances at some of the venues he and his band played during the 2008 Full Circle Tour. After an extremely successful jaunt out to Arizona in November to headline at the Arizona Blind and Deaf Children's Foundation fundraiser, Michael and the band returned to Sammary Studio for some recording sessions before preparing for the 2009 tour. January took MC and the band to Montana for a couple of key shows, along with a live taping for television. Continuing on up to Canada they performed a series of venues until the very last day of January. On the first of February they returned to the studio for a quick regroup before taking to the skies for the Australian leg of the tour where they did a few key festivals along with new venues and were also welcomed back by venues they played during The Full Circle Tour of 2008.

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