Happy New Year! 2012, the year we have been waiting for!  But here at Moonlight Label we always welcome in the New Year as it feels like an exciting new beginning and an awesome continuation of all that was good from the year before!
      Little like Bill Murray‘s “Groundhog Day”, January and the Road Dawg 2012 Tour will start  out just like the past three years………….MC will be heading way out west and then touring up all across Canada .  Just about the worst time of the year to travel that way,  but some of the most awesome venues, with one of the events being at Blues On Whyte for seven shows in six days.  Safe travel, MC!
      Back here at the record label we will be just as busy as the band.  As you may know the “Under the Covers” single CD series launched late 2011 with the first release, After Midnight.  This is available at several stores.  We are now working on the next release of that series.  Which song is it?  What fan’s photo shot of MC will be used in the artwork?  That’s a surprise!  Stay tuned for further updates!  
     Also in the works is a special limited edition box set, only available at Michael Charle’s shows and also a few copies here at the record label for those not able to travel to the concerts.  The Cross Over Collector’s Box will include; two original CD’s, a CD single, two 45 vinyl’s, an audio cassette, autographed artwork, framed lyrics, an 8 x 10 glossy, and a concert guest pass.  What CD is this box set celebrating?  Well, that’s another surprise!   
     Last, but not least, will be the release of The Wind.  What may make this “The Wind” any different than the one you may have in your collection already?  It is the original 1989 pressing VINYL LP found in the Moonlight Label vaults. Quite a collector’s piece and beautiful addition to your MC collection.
   Well, that’s a catch up for you, until next time……………………. 
 once again, to all of our following, friends, and acquaintances have a healthy and happy 2012!!   

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  • Dec 15
    Czars 505,  St. Joseph
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  • Jan 12
    Olive Black Martini and Wine Lounge,  Richmond

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