Moonlight Label presents a new Michael Charles 2012 limited edition box set.
Suitably titled the “Cross Over Collector’s Box, this set is filled with an array of treasures from Michael Charles’ closing days in Australia, through the crossing over to America, to the beginning of his USA career.

Representing MC’s homeland discography, you will first discover two original 1987-1988 45 vinyl’s of the ever popular Long Way To Go and She’s My Woman taken from the 1989 LP, The Wind.  Likewise, the front label of the box itself is a replication of the actual 1989 photo shoot sheet for The Wind LP.

The box’s true cross over feature is MC’s cassette and CD entitled “My Shadow”  These 1996 releases started with recording sessions in Australia and were completed in studios in the USA.  Also form My Shadow, the collection holds original autographed artwork from the My Shadow CD, framed lyrics of the most loved title track, “My Shadow”, and an 8 X 10 glossy from the 1996 photo shoot for the My Shadow project.  

Furthering the discography in America came the CD version of The Wind, and to promote The Wind and My Shadow, Moonlight Label  brought out the EP CD single “Crawling On the Floor”.  Crawling on the Floor itself is a compilation of rarities, such as; radio cuts, alternate mixes, and previously unreleased cuts. Both CD’s, Crawling On the Floor and The Wind, grace the interior of the Cross Over Collector’s Box.

Last but not least, is a complimentary guest pass to see a future scheduled performance of MC at the Chicago House of Blues. 

Moonlight Label is proud to offer the opportunity to you to own so much of Michael Charles’ remarkable history.  The limited Cross Over Collector’s Box is available now for $35 only at MC’s concerts or by contacting Charles’ USA record label,  Moonlight Label.

From the Vault Moonlight Label Makes Available for sale The Wind Vinyl LP
Coinciding with the Crossover Collector’s Box Set, Moonlight Label is now making available the original pressing of the 1989 vinyl  LP, The Wind.  The Wind, an inspirational album which represents turbulent and changing times in the life of Michael Charles is yet another representation of the multi talented and multi-faceted artist. 
The Wind
The Wind [Original LP]

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