2014 may be right on the horizon, but 2013 is far from over here at Moonlight Label and Sammary Studio.  

 2013, so far, lays claim to even more USA musical career highlights for Michael Charles.   Along with internationally touring America and Canada, MC made a comeback to his “roots in Chicago USA”.  For those of you who may not know, when MC landed on this continent over two decades ago, his first performance featured him on the stage of Buddy Guy’s Legends playing the standard and traditional blues music of the times.  After several tours into the country, MC made the decision to stay and began branching out with his own original music leaving the Chicago blues circuit behind. Eighteen years later with the crossing over of genres and people craving more and more range in their music, Michael is welcomed once again as a regular on the stage of Buddy Guys Legends,  and was honored with an invitation to be interviewed for and featured in the Buddy Guy’s Legend’s Artist Series.  A corresponding transcription and gallery appear in the November / December issue of Buddy Guy’s Legend’s “BG Blues and Music News” magazine!  

 2013 also saw the continuation of the Under the Covers CD Single series with the release of the third and fourth disc, and now before the year ends, we announce the finale to the series, disc five, “Cover Tunes”.  This phenomenal series treats us to the twist MC puts on the few cover songs he does. And not surprising is the actual original “Cover Tunes” song MC wrote to actually pay tribute to all of “those” songs because like every musician, Michael “cut his teeth” on covers.  Thank you MC and Moonlight Label for producing this remarkable collection for all of us.

 And now we announce a new way to purchase these singles all the music, DVD’s, and merchandise from the Michael Charles cataloge.  At the shows there is always the merchandise table fully stocked and equipped to take payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card.  Now online you can do the same.  We already offer Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc and now we add “Square”. Until "Square" we only offered CD’s and DVD’s online.  Moonlight Label release from time to time special box sets only available at the shows along with the T-shirts, online Tour Posters, etc.  Now with “Square” you will be able to purchase those same items online.

 And down another avenue.  How about purchasing a whole show?  Want to see MC perform live in one of the most famous blues clubs in the world, but can’t make it out to the show?  Buddy Guy’s Legends has partnered with Gigty. TV.  Gigty.TV  turns stages into stadiums installing permanent HD cameras in venues and now you can pay per view or on-demand  a professional live streaming of the shows on  the very stage of Buddy Guy’s Legends.  Once you purchase your “ticket” you can watch the performance in high quality on your computer or iOS device as many times as you want.  Check out the site to find Michael’s archived show from Wednesday December 4, 2013  and mark your calendar for a four hour headline show on Sunday March 16, 2014.

 So what else could be ahead for 2014?  Even though we have limited details we can tell you that 2014 is the anniversary year marking thirty years of Michael Charles’ personal recording career!!  So word is out that an anthology type release is scheduled for 2014.  As times passes we will keep you informed.  

Until then……………..MC hopes to “see you "somewhere, someplace, sometime”.

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