First Release of the Year

In April we promised you an exciting month for May……..and that it was.  Along with the tour dates which you can read about on the home page, May seventh marked the release of Disc Two in the “Under the Covers” series.  The first single of the series, After Midnight, released in November is now followed by “Going Down”.  Disc Two boasting a studio version of Going Down with a bonus cut of “The Sky Is Crying” hit the markets and airwaves early May and thus far Going Down reports a phenomenal   two thousand sixty-two plays on Daily Motion alone!!  Congratulations MC and Moonlight Label!!  Special thanks goes out to Paula Buechley who snapped and submitted the cool front cover picture of MC and also to Charles’ graphic artist, Jamie Coghill of Newmarket Music Australia for the design.  And last but not least, yours truly, Michael Charles for his original renditions of these two great covers.  (editor’s note:  The vote is split even here at Moonlight Label on which is best; live or recorded.  I myself find both extremely engaging, entertaining, and just plain exciting.)  You’ll find your copy of Going Down Disc Two at MC’s live shows,, CD Baby, Amazon, to name a few. 

Plugged In and Linked Up

Staying connected in our times is easy and entertaining and we would like to announce just one more way.  New for Android users!! You can now keep updated and informed of MC’s whereabouts, new releases, and everything else by downloading the Android free app available at the Google Play app store.  You can also keep tabs on MC by scanning his QR code, which can be found on tour posters and the internet.  Join in on all the social networks too; Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Pollstar, Eventful, BandsIntown, LastFM, etc, and remember MC’s official website has kept an daily updated schedule for the last sixteen years and everything you would want to know, see, hear, or link up to about MC can be found there.

The  Lake Shore Drive Man

MC had the privilege this past month to join Ted Aliotta in Horse Drawn recording studios to add a little Michael Charles acoustic guitar slide flare to Ted’s new track all about the music scene of Chicago.  Two great musicians lending their talents to each other as Ted reciprocated by coming in and laying a little harp and vocals down on one of MC’s latest recordings.  Watch for them both!!

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Upcoming Performances

  • Dec 15
    Czars 505,  St. Joseph
  • Dec 23
    Flatted Fifth Blues & BBQ,  Bellevue
  • Dec 29
    Mamie's,  Milwaukee
  • Dec 30
    Tracy's Tavern,  Clarendon Hills
  • Jan 12
    Olive Black Martini and Wine Lounge,  Richmond

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