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All I Really Know from A to Z [Soundtracked]

by Michael Charles

Released 10/03/2019
Moonlight Label
Released 10/03/2019
Moonlight Label
All I Really Know from A to Z original documentary soundtrack
1. All I Really Know (Main Title)
2. Linda Street
3. Coming Back Home
4. The Tune [the chords my daddy taught me] (Live)
5. Theme From Come Melodia
6. MC Shuffle (Live in studio)
7. Cover Tunes (end solo take 3)
8. Keep Walking (Live in studio)
9. Must Be On My Own (Live)
10. Long And Dusty Highway (Live in studio)
11. I'm A Puppet (2018 version)
12. Gone (But Not Forgotten)
13. Work So Hard (Live in studio)
14. Crawling On The Floor (Live)
15. The Wind (Live in studio) [credits]