January 2017

    Here at Moonlight Label 2017 is a sensational time as we prepare to embellish and build on the accomplishments  of 2016.  As our enterprise grows I don't remember a year when the chain of years appeared so tightly linked.    


Some of you know agendas were set in motion a couple years back to make a documentary on Michael Charles' musical career.  Summoned by Australian film producer Salik Silverstein of SOS films Michael completed two trips to Australia to generate footage for the documentary.  In the latter part of 2016 Michael and the band traveled again to Australia where the schedule included radio shows, numerous studio sessions at Newmarket Studios to record the music and to film the recordings of these songs for the documentary.   The grand finale conducted by Greg Williams from Dex Audio produced and recorded a one night only concert at The Caravan Music Club in Victoria Australia. There on the scene Salik Silverstein and crew captured the night on video.  Moonlight Label, Newmarket Music, and SOS Films are diligent in their efforts to release this documentary and soundtrack which will include the 2016 single "Coming Back Home".  Watch for the documentary out on DVD in 2017.


   Another continuance of the past will generate itself in 2017 in the form of a live album release.  Sammary Studio, able to secure recorded past shows in brilliant format will produce at least one live album for 2017  We are not privy to where exactly the shows were, but are told the recordings are spectacular and a superb representation of Michael at his best!


The last but not least carry over is Charles' performance schedule.   Meeting so many great people at new venues our scope of touring places becomes larger and larger with every passing year.  We are grateful to those along the way; the agents, the promoters, radio, television, press,  and especially the venues who put us up on their stage.  The "All I Really Know" 2017 tour is Michael's tenth consecutive annual tour and dates on the books so far for the first half of the year include; Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada and Montana, Chicago, New York, and Florida in the USA. Please check the tour schedule regularly as new dates are continually added.   And as always,  Michael hopes "to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime".