...and as always hope to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime.”

— Michael Charles

All I Really Know from A to Z

This inspirational film records a journey of passion, endurance, and the belief in oneself. This is Michael Charles' story.”

— Salik Silverstein

All I Really Know from A to Z


All I Really Know from A to Z


Original 45 r.p.m. vinyl collection The Early Years 1984-1988

Help For Home


The 12 inch LP 1989 vinyl album “The Wind” is the pick of the month for February 2020. 

Available to you in a limited supply from the archives, “The Wind” boasts a remarkable history! The albums offered here are the actual, original 1989 vinyl pressings of the last full-length LP recorded in Australia by Michael Charles before his move to the states. At the time of the record’s release, The Wind also became available on cassette tape. 

In 1996 The Wind made its CD debut with two bonus tracks, Running Wild and Pain and Misery, recorded at the original 1989 sessions in Australia.  

In 2016, at the Music Workshop at Dex Audio in Australia an acoustic version of the title track, “The Wind” was recorded to be used as the closing song with the credits for the Michael Charles’  documentary “All I Really Know from A to Z”.   

Appreciated by audiences nationally and internationally, the title track of the “The Wind” shows the gentle, receptive side of Michael Charles,  and breathes a beautiful acoustic opening into his well-known high energy, explosive concerts.