News / September 2020 

   Time to check in with our friends, following and acquaintances.  And what can be said that hasn’t been said?  Unprecedented times to say the least.  We mourn in our hearts for those lost and pray for those left behind to be safe and survive the days yet to come.  

    Of course there is no touring in Canada, Australia, or across the USA to report and for right now we have chosen to remain as safe as possible and will be off the road until we feel we will not jeopardize our health or the health of those…

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News / January 2020 

     A new year, a new decade, with new hopes we make the best choices for our planet, our country, and ourselves.  As at the start of every year, we look forward to the new year with continued energy and expectations! And the tour name for this year promises just that! The 2020 tour is aptly named “No Hindsight 2020”.  We chose this name as Michael Charles is always “looking” into the future to see what needs to happen to continue his music recordings and performances.  Even in his interviews he will…

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News / September 2019 

We are all sailing through 2019 and hope this year is a real good one for you thus far. Here at Moonlight Label our present tour Soundtracked 2019 has taken us across the USA, across the border to Canada, and across the ocean to Australia. We have had the pleasure of performing in some spectacular venues, meeting some tremendous new audiences. Along with our new acquaintances, we would also like to thank the press, radio, and television for the privileges of being featured on their programming and in their…

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News / July 2018 

In 2018 a five year project came to it's completion in the form of the documentary "All I Really Know from A to Z" about the life and musical career of Michael Charles. Proud of the combined efforts and countless hours of producer Michael Charles, Australian film director Salik Silverstein, the wizardry of record producer Greg Williams and audio engineer Daniel Desiere of Dex audio Australia, the talents of Salvatore Galassia from Sammary Studio, along with the script writing, the stellar narration from…

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News / January 2018 

Out of all the twenty plus years I've had the pleasure of writing the news letter for Moonlight Label, 2018 definitely fills me with such spirit and the year ahead exudes much energy! The from A to Z tour 2018 plans to cover, well, everything from A to Z.

Michael's official website is twenty-two years strong and offers News, a continuing update of Tour Dates, Michael's Biography, the opportunity to purchase Michael's Music at CD Baby, Itunes, and Michael Charles' official store, which…

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News / January 2017 

    Here at Moonlight Label 2017 is a sensational time as we prepare to embellish and build on the accomplishments  of 2016.  As our enterprise grows I don't remember a year when the chain of years appeared so tightly linked.    


Some of you know agendas were set in motion a couple years back to make a documentary on Michael Charles' musical career.  Summoned by Australian film producer Salik Silverstein of SOS films Michael completed two trips to Australia to generate footage for the documentary.  In…

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Concert At The Nest 

With thirty-two new concert dates on Michael Charles' touring schedule, this editor has her work cut out for her, but this day would be amiss if I didn’t write a newsletter to officially announce Michael Charles’ latest release, “Concert At The Nest”.  This is Charles’ thirty-second release and his first live concert CD.  You can read all about it on the home page, review it , purchase it, download it and enjoy something that Michael Charles performed over twenty- five years…

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