May 2023 

The “NO DETOURS 2023” tour is in full swing! Just back from a super successful tour in Canada the guys are now preparing for a tour out to Wyoming and Iowa in June. The summer is packed with festivals, wineries, venues and cruises.  Check out the schedule…..maybe they will be in your town soon……

Moonlight Label: With such a huge schedule this year the promotions team at the label are truly being kept busy with itineraries, tour routing, promotions and booking yet more new…

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February 2023 

When 2022 came to an end we were so thankful to our family, friends, loyal following, new fans and all the television stations, radio stations, and newspaper and printed media who help to make our year so successful. We gave a super special thanks to all the venues who hosted Michael Charles and His Band.  Since covid, these owners and managers worked diligently to keep their businesses open, often themselves bartending, cooking, and serving the public.  We applaud them and thank them for their continued…

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September 2022 

We are all looking at our calendars in disbelief, because, yes, it is already September!   But we are more than grateful for a wonderful year so far and there is still much more to come.  Looking forward to another tour to our friends to the north as Michael and the Band head up to Canada September through October and then down to Wyoming, onto Minnesota where Michael will perform two theatres and two rare concerts of songs that pay homage to many of the guitar greats that inspired him throughout his…

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June 2022 

MC said it all when he sang “Life’s gone past so quickly” (  and so much has passed so quickly since we last brought you up to date on Michael Charles, Moonlight Label, and Sammary Studio. 

We wrapped up 2021 on a high and deemed it a very successful year considering we were trying to get out from underneath the COVID grip. But we did it!  We are on our way! 

So far in 2022: 
Moonlight Label:  Honoured to announce Amplifyd, the futuristic and innovative worldwide…

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August 2021 

Time to rock and roll is here!  And we are rocking here at Sammary Studio and ready to roll out.  Touring started 7/10/2021 and the calendar is filling up fast!!   

But we have a lot of exciting news from the record label.
A new release is on its way to store shelves.  Recorded during the isolation of COVID, “19+”, a 2 CD / DVD boxset is now available here.


And how would you like to be privy to exclusive Michael Charles news and music? How would you like to “Get Inside”? 
Well you can!  Moonlight Label is…

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January 2021 

Here at Moonlight Label this time of year normally excites us as we look back on the past year, bundle up the accomplishments, and then march straight ahead into the New Year.  This time as 2020 slips away we feel the gratefulness that we all stayed healthy but pain knowing there are so many less fortunate.  Grateful that concerts performed in January and February were fabulous but feel the emptiness from the ten months of tour dates we had to cancel.  And grateful that all of you stuck with us and the…

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September 2020 

   Time to check in with our friends, following and acquaintances.  And what can be said that hasn’t been said?  Unprecedented times to say the least.  We mourn in our hearts for those lost and pray for those left behind to be safe and survive the days yet to come.  

    Of course there is no touring in Canada, Australia, or across the USA to report and for right now we have chosen to remain as safe as possible and will be off the road until we feel we will not jeopardize our health or the health of those…

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January 2020 

     A new year, a new decade, with new hopes we make the best choices for our planet, our country, and ourselves.  As at the start of every year, we look forward to the new year with continued energy and expectations! And the tour name for this year promises just that! The 2020 tour is aptly named “No Hindsight 2020”.  We chose this name as Michael Charles is always “looking” into the future to see what needs to happen to continue his music recordings and performances.  Even in his interviews he will…

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September 2019 

We are all sailing through 2019 and hope this year is a real good one for you thus far. Here at Moonlight Label our present tour Soundtracked 2019 has taken us across the USA, across the border to Canada, and across the ocean to Australia. We have had the pleasure of performing in some spectacular venues, meeting some tremendous new audiences. Along with our new acquaintances, we would also like to thank the press, radio, and television for the privileges of being featured on their programming and in their…

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July 2018 

In 2018 a five year project came to it's completion in the form of the documentary "All I Really Know from A to Z" about the life and musical career of Michael Charles. Proud of the combined efforts and countless hours of producer Michael Charles, Australian film director Salik Silverstein, the wizardry of record producer Greg Williams and audio engineer Daniel Desiere of Dex audio Australia, the talents of Salvatore Galassia from Sammary Studio, along with the script writing, the stellar narration from…

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