September 2020

   Time to check in with our friends, following and acquaintances.  And what can be said that hasn’t been said?  Unprecedented times to say the least.  We mourn in our hearts for those lost and pray for those left behind to be safe and survive the days yet to come.  

    Of course there is no touring in Canada, Australia, or across the USA to report and for right now we have chosen to remain as safe as possible and will be off the road until we feel we will not jeopardize our health or the health of those around us.  We are saddened about losing what was scheduled to be the biggest year of touring ever, but we hope we will soon experience a recovery and be on the road once again to perform for everyone. 

    Just before the pandemic became a reality the latest release by Michael Charles hit the market.  “The Early Years" is the complete 45 r.p.m. singles released from 1984-1988 by Michael Charles in Australia before he moved to the U.S.A. in 1990.  It is a nostalgic and incredible piece of Michael’s history.  Please check this CD out on his website.  Available on CD or download.  While you are there be sure to check out the "All I Really Know from A to Z" DVD including a download of the CD Soundtracked ON SALE for only $9.99!    While on the subject of the documentary please note it is available for a free viewing at  59 minutes "All I Really Know from A to Z"  

   We are all trying to do our best at Sammary Studio to keep rocking.  Solo music projects filled the studio and some special interviews took place via the phone.  One project, after a tremendous outpouring of support, escalated into something bigger and better than ever expected.   For a total of nine weeks solo acoustic recordings were produced to serve as an outreach by Michael Charles in the attempt to stay connected to his audiences and provide some entertainment and enjoyment. Alone, no engineer, no typical crew hovering about, the songs laid down and video recorded were produced only for broadcasting over the social networks with no intent of becoming a part of Michael Charles’ discography.  But after views into the thousands  “19” became a download reality and is available at  "19" 

    Some other projects included; an interview with Natalia Dagenhart and the effects of COVID on individuals from all walks of life, from Melbourne, Australia an interview by Pete Camileri of Pete's Voodoo Room #21: Michael Charles.  The Vodoo Room interview can be viewed on the video page at Michael website or at Pete’s Voodoo Room on Youtube, and a forthcoming interview and video with Minnie Hues, international correspondent for Around the Sound magazine and renowned filmmaker will be available very soon.  

  The future is either unknown or what is known is a secret so we will leave you with the hope that you will stay connected to us through Michael’s website, facebook, twitter, itunes, Youtube.  Whatever way you choose please know we think of and miss  all of you and look for the future to be even bigger and better as Michael truly hopes “to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime.”