February 2023

When 2022 came to an end we were so thankful to our family, friends, loyal following, new fans and all the television stations, radio stations, and newspaper and printed media who help to make our year so successful. We gave a super special thanks to all the venues who hosted Michael Charles and His Band.  Since covid, these owners and managers worked diligently to keep their businesses open, often themselves bartending, cooking, and serving the public.  We applaud them and thank them for their continued support and friendship and faith in Michael Charles and his music and because of all of this, we felt so good and driven to hit the road in 2023!  We commenced with three new venues in Minnesota and Wisconsin on the three coldest nights since last winter but we were warmed at the turnout and the places were packed.  If they were any indication…the “NO DETOURS 2023” tour is going to rock!  

Moonlight Label: Busy at the label promoting the new shows for 2023 and looking forward to the entire year with new places to perform and others to revisit!  Tours to and in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan Canada, a stop at The infamous Blues Plate Special Show in the great state of Tennessee along with a debut on The Rhinestone Stage at The Glen Campbell Museum in Nashville, and Wyoming, Iowa and Wisconsin, New York, Indiana and Illinois are already on the books and adding more each week. Keep an eye on www.michaelcharles.us/tour

Sammary Studio: Throughout the past holidays one of the real gifts was the time “at home” to do some recordings in the studio and the guys wasted no time to start working on and recording again for the new album. Finishing touches are also underway on the vinyl release of one of Michael most requested CD’s and it's finally on its way to manufacturers.  Wonder which release it is? But for entertainment right now??  You can watch the third episode in the series of Driven!  DRIVEN 3 -REZOOMED released April 14 to “Get Inside” subscribers is now available at www.michaelcharles.us/videos

Michael Charles: By now we are sure you have seen and heard Michael's new lineup.  We are so proud of our "new troupe" and now we have added a new roadie and right-hand man.  We are very excited to welcome Damien Lopez!  Already proven himself roadworthy, for sure!    See them when they come to your town, and as always, Michael Charles "hopes to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime".

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