September 2019

We are all sailing through 2019 and hope this year is a real good one for you thus far. Here at Moonlight Label our present tour Soundtracked 2019 has taken us across the USA, across the border to Canada, and across the ocean to Australia. We have had the pleasure of performing in some spectacular venues, meeting some tremendous new audiences. Along with our new acquaintances, we would also like to thank the press, radio, and television for the privileges of being featured on their programming and in their studios which many of those interviews can be seen and heard at under the video and radio tabs. We truly appreciate everyone's support.

On the release scene, our long term documentary project, "All I Really Know from A to Z" finally made it's way to DVD in the spring and became available February 2019. As of now copies of the documentary are available on under the store tab. You can also purchase the DVD at all live concerts and also via through CD Baby. For your viewing pleasure you can go to and watch the full documentary on youtube or Amazon Prime Video. The next accompaniment to Michael Charles' "All I Really Know from A to Z" collection is a long awaited CD soundtrack. The release is in production as this newsletter is being written.

Looking forward, October, November and December are filled with dozens of concerts and studio recording hours. Please check under the tour tab for scheduled performance dates "and as always, Michael Charles hope to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime".