January 2021

Here at Moonlight Label this time of year normally excites us as we look back on the past year, bundle up the accomplishments, and then march straight ahead into the New Year.  This time as 2020 slips away we feel the gratefulness that we all stayed healthy but pain knowing there are so many less fortunate.  Grateful that concerts performed in January and February were fabulous but feel the emptiness from the ten months of tour dates we had to cancel.  And grateful that all of you stuck with us and the COVID Alone and Acoustic and Plugged Inn session videos racked up more than twenty- six thousand views, but us playing live and seeing you, was impossible. 

Yet another bright note in 2020, Moonlight Label released “The Early Years" , a CD of the complete 45 r.p.m. singles released 1984-1988 by Michael Charles in Australia before he moved to the U.S.A. in 1990.  Also, in 2020 “19”, in download form of all the Alone and Acoustic songs recorded during the pandemic became available. 

Although all alone for the good part of the time, the video recordings of these sessions kept the momentum flowing for new projects in Sammary Studio and Michael is now working on two albums at the same time; a brand new album filled with all new songs and another album of alternate takes of some of his most loved songs.  For the calendar, dates for the touring schedule will be posted on the website as they are booked.     So……….….. here we go.  It is with optimism that 2021 begins, and more than ever Michael truly hopes “to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime.”