September 2022

We are all looking at our calendars in disbelief, because, yes, it is already September!   But we are more than grateful for a wonderful year so far and there is still much more to come.  Looking forward to another tour to our friends to the north as Michael and the Band head up to Canada September through October and then down to Wyoming, onto Minnesota where Michael will perform two theatres and two rare concerts of songs that pay homage to many of the guitar greats that inspired him throughout his career!  From there over to Nebraska and finishing up the year closer to "home" in Illinois.  2023 bookings are coming in fast and furious, so we remain "driven"! 

Moonlight Label:  We are proud to announce our premier artist Michael Charles is now an Illinois Artstour Artist.  This honour came to MC last month when we received a congratulatory letter from the Illinois Presenters Network.  Artstour Roster artists are professional performers who demonstrate high artistic skills, creative programming, and efficient management.  Our congratulations to you Michael Charles! 

Sammary Studio: As you may be able to tell the studio is a little dark these days with the guys on the road so much but I am sure they will be back to recording when they can.  I do understand there is an album to be released on vinyl in 2023. 

Michael Charles:  You may have witnessed Michael's new lineup.  We are so proud of our "new troupe" and we have added their bios to MC's website.  If you click on biography on and click on the drop down "troupe" you can read all about our guys.  What a stellar team we have!  We hope you have the chance to see them in action when we come to your town, and as always, Michael Charles "hopes to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime".

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