May 2023

The “NO DETOURS 2023” tour is in full swing! Just back from a super successful tour in Canada the guys are now preparing for a tour out to Wyoming and Iowa in June. The summer is packed with festivals, wineries, venues and cruises.  Check out the schedule…..maybe they will be in your town soon……

Moonlight Label: With such a huge schedule this year the promotions team at the label are truly being kept busy with itineraries, tour routing, promotions and booking yet more new dates.  Looking ahead there are already dates in 2024.  But then the year is almost half over and we have to keep moving.  

Sammary Studio: They have finally arrived.  The “My Shadow”  Limited Vinyl Edition 2023’s are on the shelves, in the store, and on the merchandise table at the concerts.  To meet the vinyl demand, we chose My Shadow as it is one of MC’s most requested releases.  Great quality and the artwork is beautiful. Pick up your copy today!

Michael Charles: For the first time since before the pandemic Michael will head back to his homeland for a couple weeks before the burning summer schedule.  Primarily a promotional tour for 2024, MC will perform at a Melbourne favorite “Beneath Driver Lane”.  The rare acoustic concert will feature special Aussie musos from Michael’s past.  It should be super entertaining!  
Until then, and after, and as always, Michael Charles "hopes to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime".

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