January 2020

     A new year, a new decade, with new hopes we make the best choices for our planet, our country, and ourselves.  As at the start of every year, we look forward to the new year with continued energy and expectations! And the tour name for this year promises just that! The 2020 tour is aptly named “No Hindsight 2020”.  We chose this name as Michael Charles is always “looking” into the future to see what needs to happen to continue his music recordings and performances.  Even in his interviews he will affirm he made many choices through his fifty year plus career , good and bad, but he “never looked back”.  Although proud of his accomplishments, he doesn’t ride on his laurels.  So onward we go into 2020 with a hefty schedule of recording, releasing, and touring. 

  Michael Charles’ 39th release and the first one for 2020 entitled “ The Early Years 45 r.p.m. collection 1984-1988” is all of the 45 singles released by Michael Charles in Australia before he moved to the states in 1990. Watch for this CD release along with a very limited boxset including, believe it or not, a set of the original 45 r.p.m. vinyl record pressings! 

 Continuing in 2020, when not on the road, Michael will spend his time in the studio working on a long awaited CD of all new songs.  May take a while as the calendar for 2020 already shows another busy year on the horizon. Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and a trip out west are on the books for early spring.  We will spend the whole month of June in Canada this year and look forward to New York and Australia in August.  September comes in with a nice mix and October and November we are out west again.  So stay tuned for updates, releases, news, and schedule enhancements, because, as you know, Michael Charles “...always hope to see you somewhere, someplace, sometime.”